Titanium Adjustable E-Nail

$ 132.00

Brand: MarijuanaPackaging.com

The Titanium Adjustable E-Nail was designed for portability as well as practicality, and is the ideal solution for vaporizing without the use of a butane torch. From concentrate oils to wax, this unique device offers the versatility of being able to fit both male and female dab rigs at nail sizes of 14mm/18mm. Use of this device can be initiated by simply configuring the size of the e-nail stem to the size of your dab rig, and then queuing the heating sequence.

To begin heating your concentrates, simply turn on the toggle switch, while simultaneously pressing the middle button. After doing this, a red LED light will be activated lasting 20-120 seconds, and will signal the first heating sequence. Right after the initial heating sequence, a hotter, yellow LED light turns on, lasting for about 3 seconds, followed by a blinking green light, indicating that the device has almost reached its max temperature. Once the green LED light has stopped blinking and turns to a solid green LED, this indicates that the e-nail is in fact at its max temperature of 500 degrees F, and is ready to be used.

This e-nail also features an automatic shutdown switch, which turns off after 120 seconds of being on the non-blinking green LED indicator. In this case, the initial heating sequence will have to be activated again. Use extreme caution when using this device as the titanium nail and glass can reach extreme temperatures. Only handle the nail and glass directly after they been cooled down significantly post use.

Temperatures will vary based on the temperature of the room the device is used in.


  • Automatic shut off
  • Fits Male / Female
  • LED screen
  • Quick heat up


Disclaimer: No exchanges or returns will be accepted after this item has been used. Prior to initial use, please turn on devices and inspect that all electrical components and heating elements are in working condition.

This product is intended for legal and medical concentrate use only.