$ 47.50

Brand: Santa Cruz Shredders

Our latest innovation, the Omni Hammer!

Compatible with all Omni products!

What separates this model from our standard cap is the new hole in the side that connects to the main shaft that runs down the center of the cap.
-This side hole significantly reduces the downward force of the airflow passing through the center shaft of the cap.
-By reducing the downward pressure of air flow it allows the cup on the Omni head to fully vaporize any concentrate while minimizing the likelihood of any overflow.
-This also yields a much smoother smoking experience by allowing more fresh air with your vapor.
-By adding a port to the side of the cap you now have full control over how much airflow you can have going through the cap.
- We have found that having the ability to control your airflow is a crucial an integral part of achieving perfect low temp vapor hits. Every piece has different air flow, and now with the tip of your finger you control how much air that passes through the cap.
-This means you can now control exactly how your nail will vaporize oil at lower temps.

Interchangeable Dabbers are sold separately for $24.95. Available with ballpoint or flathead tip.