NewVapeLock Box All In One Enail

$ 450.00

Brand: NewVape

The NewVape Lock Box is an "ALL IN ONE ENAIL SYSTEM".

1) Concealment
2) Durability
3) Portability
4) American Made

Housed in a Lockable Portable Box the all in One uses a 16mm coil with an on-board standard mason jar and silicone hoses. The standard 16mm head #2608 comes with the unit. However all of our 16mm heads will work. Includes: ammo case, 16mm coil, pid controller, mason jar, silicone hoses, titanium nail, titanium head. machined face plate with posts 2 switches and one external coil port. Switch 1 is for powering the controller. Switch 2 energizes the 2 coils. Both the internal coil and external coils may be powered at the same time. When the coil switch is off the controller shows the temp to allow user to know when the nail is cooled down and safe for packing.

This product is intended for tobacco use only. Must be 18 years old or older to purchase this product. Please abide by your local laws when purchasing.