New Vape - Pax Accessory Screen Pax2 (2732)

$ 15.00

Brand: New Vape

2732 Pax2 Bottom Screen

Increased Air Flow and Better Heat Transfer are some of the benefits this product delivers to the Pax2 customer. Custom designed for the Pax2, this screen allows the pax2 to circulate air flow much better than the stock screen. It's machined from Medical grade 316 stainless steel. With normal cleaning this filter will never wear out. There are no thru holes just air groves machined on each side using a small ball end mill. Our 1/2 pax2 pusher shares the same air circulating groves and is not a requirement to experience the benefits of this screen upgrade. Unlike the original this screen is designed to freely fall out of the vaporizer between cycles. This feature allows the user to keep the pax2 in tip top clean condition which insures clean air circulation. The 3d screen also enhances more evenly cooking of tobacco

Pax Accessory Screen Pax2 (2732) is available for purchase in increments of 1