Galaxy E-Nail - The Galaxy Blue Package

$ 399.99

Brand: Galaxy ENail

The Galaxy Blue Package

By Galaxy E-Nail


This complete package comes with everything you will need for the greatest experience you will ever have.

Our Galaxy Enail Blue Package starts with a Blue Ceramic Medical Grade housing and then we add our uniquely designed all Quartz/Ceramic Air Pathway.

Then we include the Ceramic Glass Adapters (3), Ceramic Carb Cap (1) and a Dab Tool (1) that will help you to “Experience it the Way Nature Intended”.


Each Kit Includes:

One Stainless Steel Enail with Blue Ceramic Overlay

One Ceramic Carb Cap

One Ceramic 14/18mm Female Adapter

One Ceramic 14mm Male Adapter

One Ceramic 18mm Male Adapter

One Dab Tool

One LaunchPad with Powercord

A Three year Warranty against manufacturer defects!