Extra Downstem + Eject-a Bowl/Dabber **

$ 9.99

Brand: Roll-uh-Bowl

** These items are included with purchase of Roll-uh-Bowl™ 

Need a new stem + bowl?
Hybrid Domeless Dabber Attachment / Eject a Bowl:
Swaps Easily from Bowl to fit 14mm Nail!

• Available in Black, Blue, Fuchsia and Silver
• Grommet: high-temperature silicone
• Bowl and stem: Anodized Aerospace Aluminium
• Spring: stainless steel
• Tube (stem): 9mm

Graffix™ Composite Downstem
The 1-way ball keeps the water from blowing out. 

• Ball prevents water backsplash / creates bubbles!
• Holds Bowl snug in place