Cones Coolbox 120 Original Filling Machine 84mm

$ 512.00


The Cones Coolbox 120 is a one of a kind mass-cone filling solution for anyone looking to fill up to 120 pre-rolled cones in under 20 minutes with no mess or waste. The Cool Box 120 is perfect for dispensaries or individuals looking to save money by rolling their own own cigarette packs. This Coolbox fits all standard cones paper of the following sizes: 1 1/4", 84mm

  • Fits up to 120 pre-rolled cones
  • Fills 120 cones in under 20 minutes
  • Great for businesses
  • Saves time and money
  • Dispensary and collective favorite
  • Brand: Cones
  • Cone Size: 1 1/4" (84mm)

Filling Machine is compatible with item #'s: 1203, 1984